About Us

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, SIM Computer Sales, Inc. is dedicated to providing complete and credible information technology (I.T.) solutions to its clients.

Who We Are

SIM Computer Sales, Inc. is a corporation provide complete IT solutions to its clients. Founded in May 1994, SIM Computer has evolved from a mere PC clone retail store to a dynamic reseller of leading industry brands that dictate corporate standards. Establishing business partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, HP and Intel has elevated SIM in becoming a credible source for product and technical information.

With total flexibility in mind, our product line extents to other name brands which are proven to be reliable and of high quality while maintaining the criterion of interoperability.

Also, through the unending effort to offer innovate products and excellent service, SIM has built a solid relationship with its clientele. Protection of investment has always been priority. Technical concerns are dealt with on site extending value and productivity to our products.

To sum it all up, SIM Computer is a company motivated by technological advancement and geared towards customer service.

Business Partners


Dell PartnerDirect Registered
Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Dealership
Lenovo Business Partner
Sangfor Certified Reseller

Our Mission

To become an authoritative IT solutions provider through constant technology updates and partnership with entities that set worldwide industry standards.

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